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The After-Shocks?

June 27 Brexit Update


What a Tangled Web the Fed Has Weave

2016 June Monthly Comments


Staring Into The Abyss!

2016 May Monthly Comments


Fed Caught in ITS Own Headlights

2016 April Monthly Comments


Voting with Their Feet

2016 January Monthly Comments

PDF_iconWInvestors in 2015 found all markets to be generally unkind.

Economic and Market Outlook 2016

Markets Get the Elevator: Workers Get the Shaft

2013 July Monthly Comments

Americans Finally Have a President Who Listens to All of Them!

2013 June Monthly Comments

The Markets

2013 May WAS Scoreboard

A Contrast in Outcomes “Wall Street vs. Main Street”

2013 May Monthly Comments

Markets Rock While Tanks Roll

2013 April Monthly Comments

5 Real Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor – March 2013

The 5 Real Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor

Compelling article on what to expect in the way of diversification benefits from bonds at current interest rate levels.
Hussman Funds The Policy Portfolio and the Next Equity Bear Market

The Gold Standard – March 2013

The Gold Standard

Economy and Market Outlook – 2013

Forecast Comments Feb 2013

Model of Failure – June 2012

Model of Failure

Global Unrest – May 2012

Global Unrest

Food for Thought – April 2012
Reflections on the global food supply and its implications.
Food for Thought